Event Production Services

Meeting planners' and event designers’ reputation is on the line with every event, so we deliver flawless event production services every time. But we know a memorable event must be far more than flawless, it must engage and surprise your audience.

AVFX offers event production services - audio, video, lighting, and interactive content - to engage and impress your audience.

We take the worry off your plate for any event:

  • Corporate Events
  • Association Meetings
  • Special Events
  • Conference Production Services

In any format - in-person, virtual, or a combination of in-person and virtual we test, rehearse, and plan for every possible situation.

AVFX — The Ideal Event Production Services Partner

Event Production Services Budget

Bring Your Design To Life

Our event production designers listen closely to your design visions, event goals, and budget. Then our event production designers kick into high gear recommending av technology effects to create the tempo and emotional tenor at just the right moment and throughout your event.

We work with meeting planners to map out room design and audience flow using CAD drawings and renderings to provide the best possible audience experience. We make sure that the stage and screens fit the shape and scale of the space. Our experienced production designers consider sight lines from every seating angle; eliminating the “cheap seats”. Our lighting designers will provide renderings for your approval creating the right mood and experience.

Negotiate AV Production Services requirements and cost

Budget Conscious

We always make recommendations to get the most AV technology wow for your budget. We have the expertise and experience to advise where you can economize without affecting the quality of your event.

AVFX has the experience to negotiate AV requirements and costs with popular event venues to secure the services you need at the best price. Without this assistance, you can end up paying too much for services like rigging, power, and the internet. We provide clear recommendations and transparent budgets.

Partner-Vendor Approach

Partner Vendor Approach

Our time-tested Partner-Vendor methodology ensures that all players involved with your event work together seamlessly. During our Discovery process, we work with you to clearly define your event goals and clarify roles and responsibilities. We then do detailed scheduling, communication, and documentation, ensuring that all bases are covered to create a successful event.

In short, AVFX becomes a partner not just to you, but to your other vendors as well. Collaborating closely with all players involved gives us all better results, and it’s more fun.

Flawless Event Production

Flawless Event Production

We understand that we exist to support our clients in presenting their message to their audience. Our dedicated focus on attention-to-detail is one of the most important services we offer.

Our technical directors assist you with venue selection, vendor collaboration, space planning, show flow, technical problem-solving, stage-ready content preparation, rehearsal, and show calling.

Our event production managers ensure error-free management of our event technology. They make sure that all equipment is available, tested, arrives at your event venue, and is correctly set up. During your event they proactively handle any issues. At the conclusion of the event, they manage the tear-down and load-out.

Corporate Meetings Inspiration

Event Production Services Corporate MeetingsEvent Production Services Corporate MeetingsEvent Production Services Corporate Meetings

Association Meetings Inspiration

Event Production Services Association MeetingsEvent Production Services Association MeetingsEvent Production Services Association Meetings

Special Events Inspiration

Event Production Services Special EventsEvent Production Services Special EventsEvent Production Services Special Events

Together, Let’s Create an Exceptional Experience!

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