Trade Show AV Design

Trade show design with dazzling AV will make your trade show exhibit stand out on a crowded show floor, deliver your message, and make them remember your brand.

We are veterans in the ongoing battle for trade show attention. We work closely with exhibit designers to select the right sound systems, lighting, digital signage, video, and more. We help you understand what’s possible with trade show AV to attract attention and deliver your message in even the most fast-paced trade show floor environments. We can even create 3D concepts to help you visualize your trade show design before committing to a build.

We collaborate closely with you throughout the trade show design process from pre-production to post-production to create award-winning activations and environments.

If your vision is a trade show experience that will make your guests hear, feel, and remember your message, then AVFX is the partner you need.

Our Trade Show Capabilities

Trade Show Design Planning

Are your goals to be eye-catching? Engaging? Create a Buzz? Our award-winning creative services and trade show AV is exactly what you need. Don’t worry, you will be amazed what we can do within your budget!

Trade Show Flow & Space

We consider traffic flow, and how you want your audience to interact with and through your trade show booth. We make sure every element of the design will have a maximum impact within the designated space.

Creative Media

StudioAVFX can develop high-impact graphics, motion graphics, videos, or custom apps to engage your audience and deliver your message in a stunning fashion. We can create teaser reels to excite your audience prior to the trade show.

Labor Management

We make sure to understand the local labor situation and manage labor costing, scheduling, and coordination. This isn’t glamours, but it is mighty important to maintain your budget and production schedule.

Trade Show Streaming

We can expand your trade show exhibit's reach beyond the physical trade show. We can stream your trade show experience through robust streaming services.

Trade Show Production

We install the rigging and lighting, set up and test the cameras, microphones, projectors, and speakers. Our technical directors will ensure smooth operation throughout the show. Complex trade shows exhibits can have unexpected “surprises”.  We plan backup solutions that can be implemented at a moment’s notice. We got you!

Post-Production Support

We’ll edit event recordings, create highlight reels and help you build a content library that attendees and non-attendees alike can access. Together, we’ll ensure that you optimize all your valuable trade show content.

Trade Show Design Inspiration

Trade Show Design Portfolio
Trade Show Design Portfolio
Trade Show Design Portfolio

Trade Show Design Tips

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Together, Let’s Create an Exceptional Experience!

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