Event Technical Direction

Event technical planning

Event technical direction provides the planning and coordination required to make an event truly successful. Our expert technical directors have years of experience, up-to-date technical expertise, and the ability to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders. Every team needs a leader who they all trust and respect. Our technical directors are truly the grown-up in the room. 

Event Technical Direction services typically include:

Venue Evaluation / Site Surveys

AVFX will send a Technical Director with the client and/or the event management company to help evaluate the suitability of the venue for the event. Detailed measurements taken, venue details researched and preliminary space plans prepared to help with selection process.

Nothing substitutes for face-to-face meetings with the client, the hotel, the union and other stakeholders on site. Sophisticated technical direction requires experience and the ability to collaborate on a common goal.

Technical Problem-Solving

For some events, challenges are presented that may decide whether a venue is suitable for an event, whether the event is even possible, or to overcome significant obstacles that are required for an event. Our Technical Directors will work with the venue and any involved parties to evaluate a situation and develop a plan to overcome anticipated problems. These problems can include power, communications, scheduling, rigging, transportation, or nearly anything that may cause problems with a program.

Space Planning

Event Technical Direction

CAD drawings are developed for all rooms and exhibits to precisely plan truss arrangement, projection, audio, and lighting. In addition, our renderings are used to plan seating charts, stage sets, and technical spaces, as well as service areas. These drawings may then be used with the venue and the local fire marshal for approval of the overall space plan.

Vendor Coordination

Event Technical Direction

AVFX will work with associated vendors to ensure schedules are met, budgets are submitted and on-site schedules are prepared. This will ensure all operations on-site will run smoothly.

Meeting planners and event designers know we can turn their vision into a reality. Here are just a few of the event services we provide — click on any service to learn more.

Technical Direction

Technology planning, vendor collaboration, space planning, and show flow.

Lighting Design

Great lighting design creates event mood and focuses audience attention.

Special Effects

Cutting-edge AV technology & our experience adds WOW to an event.

Projection Mapping

Any surface can become a dynamic video display, creating visual awe.

LED Video Walls

Creative LED video walls attract attention and communicate specific messages.

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