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Technical Direction

Detailed technical planning

Technical directors provide the technology planning and coordination required to make an event successful. Technical services typically include:

Venue Evaluation / Site Surveys

If desired, AVFX will send a Technical Director with the client and/or the event management company to help evaluate the suitability of the venue for the event. Floor Plan Philips InternalDetailed measurements taken, venue details researched and preliminary space plans prepared to help with selection process.

Space Planning

AVFX will prepare plans for any or all rooms being used for an event to ensure all elements for the event will fit the space.

DNC Screen SetupVendor Coordination

AVFX will work with any or all associated vendors to ensure schedules are met, budgets are submitted and on-site schedules are prepared. This will ensure all operations on-site will run smoothly.

Technical Problem-Solving

For some events, challenges are presented that may decide whether a venue is suitable for an event, whether the event is even possible, or to overcome significant obstacles that are required for an event. Our Technical Directors will work with the venue and any involved parties to evaluate a situation and develop a plan to overcome anticipated problems. These problems can include power, communications, scheduling, rigging, transportation, or nearly anything that may cause problems with a program.

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