Stress-Free Presentation Management

PresenterHubTM is a proprietary presentation management system that enables you to easily integrate audiovisual presentations and manage speakers in complex meeting environments.

This secure, purpose-built system keeps meetings running smoothly and on schedule and brings peace of mind.


PresenterHub Capabilities

Upload in Advance

Uploading presentations in advance gives you peace of mind knowing that presentations are onsite and ready before presenters arrive.

Make Changes in Real Time

Presenters can make changes to presentations in real time, enabling continuous speaker updates prior to and throughout your event.

Fine-Tune Presentations

Our onsite technicians can work with your presenters to fine-tune their presentations so they'll go off without a hitch.

Save Time and Money

Our proprietary network and presentation management processes can save time and facility costs while offering the connectivity you need.

Improve Connectivity

Our managed network enables us to allocate bandwidth and prioritize connectivity without impacting the user experience.

Join Us in Leading the Way

AV over IT is the future of live meetings and events, and AVFX is at the forefront of this industry shift.

"As a meeting planner, I know how to run meeting logistics, but it’s really helpful to have people like the AVFX team who we can rely on and trust to make sure that we’re using our money, our time, and our energy efficiently."

Kathleen Santoro, Director of Meetings, ASA

Presentation Management Case Studies

JSM attracts 6,500 attendees from 50+ countries. Breakout room presentation management, internet services, and video editing support must be professional, seamless, and stress free.

AVFX produced the general session, managed 36 breakout rooms using the proprietary PresenterHub presentation management system, and provided managed internet services, saving money on unnecessary bandwidth.


We leveraged the proprietary PresenterHub presentation management system and our network management processes at a global conference in Berlin. Presenters submitted hundreds of files through a web portal or in a speaker-ready room.

We stabilized the live stream and reduced the time to deliver pristine live video by 90%. We also saved the client 30% on internet connectivity costs. The conference was a huge success.


Presentation Management and Peace of Mind


File Upload Station



Dashboard with Chat Capability



Breakout Room Session Launcher


Reporting Capability

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