Event Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is one of the most intriguing effects available today, and while many effects can get old, this is one that has so many possibilities that we can continue to design new experiences for it for years to come. There are many variations of this effect. Certainly, we have all watched videos on YouTube of cathedrals or large buildings lit up with projectors that paint intricate graphics across the façade. This is only one example of how this technology can be used.

Projection Mapping is a video projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. By using specialized software, a two or three-dimensional object can be spatially mapped. Using algorithms, which mimic the real environments, the image can be programmed to precisely display on a non-typical projection surface. Any surface can become a dynamic video display. Several sources of video can project onto different surfaces from a single projector.

Event Projection Mapping can be used for ballroom events to light up an all white set that serves as a backdrop to your meeting. It can then change imagery and tone with every presenter. It can be a single element in the foyer or ballroom that serves as an art piece that shows local imagery mixed with your brand imagery for an intriguing reminder of where you are and why. And, it can simply be “painted” onto any surface that lends itself to the unexpected. Really, ambient light is the one major factor that dictates where and when projection mapping can occur.

Event Production Ideas

Set Design and Speaker Support With Projection Mapping

Projection mapping can be used to change the environment of any event where video is used. By projecting onto white surfaces, we are able to change the look for each segment of the meeting. That’s another way to keep the audience looking to the stage and not to their smartphones.

projection mapping

Projection Mapping Engages Your Audience

Projection mapping also offers a unique solution to the challenge of audience engagement for multi-day meetings. Audience attention spans are short, so planners and producers need ways to turn boring spreadsheets into sophisticated, content-rich communication. We work with speakers to include image magnification (imag) from live cameras in the room, their Powerpoint presentations as well as pre-recorded video, lighting and sound.

Work with AVFX to utilize the technology to create the most compelling and engaging communication.


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Projection Mapping

Any surface can become a dynamic video display, creating visual awe.

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