Event Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is one of the most intriguing effects available today, and while many effects can get old, this is one that has so many possibilities that we can continue to design new experiences for it for years to come. There are many variations of this effect. Certainly, we have all watched videos on YouTube of cathedrals or large buildings lit up with projectors that paint intricate graphics across the façade. This is only one example of how this technology can be used.

Projection Mapping is a video projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. By using specialized software, a two or three-dimensional object can be spatially mapped. Using algorithms, which mimic the real environments, the image can be programmed to precisely display on a non-typical projection surface. Any surface can become a dynamic video display. Several sources of video can project onto different surfaces from a single projector.

Projection Mapping for Events, Conferences and Meetings

Projection Mapping can be used for conferences or meetings to create dynamic stages and change imagery and tone with every presenter and throughout your event.

An all-white stage backdrop with an interesting design is the perfect canvas for projection mapping. Dynamic imagery can simply be “painted” onto your backdrop to create a magical vision. When projection mapping is coupled with music your audience will feel the excitement and become engaged in the magical experience. All eyes will be on your stage; not on their smartphones.

Projection Mapping in a ballroom

Projection Mapping can transform your ballroom or meeting space from ordinary to extortionary.

AVFX's Media Production Services, StudioAVFX, utilized projection mapping to create playful and engaging animations that transformed the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston into a Storybook ball for Mass General Hospital for Children. Port Lighting joined forces with AVFX to create a huge success that left everyone raving about the experience.

Projection mapping creates an immersive experience for event attendees. They don't just feel like they attended an event, they feel like they were a part of the event.

Projection Mapping for Outside Events

With project mapping we have the ability to turn non-standard objects like buildings, cars, and even cemeteries into interesting and stimulating displays, often giving an augmented reality-like experience to the audience.

On the night of the Winter Solstice Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA held its annual Candle Lighting Service.  Immersive light-based artwork and projection mapping was used to light up the exterior of the Bigelow Chapel and the iconic grounds of the cemetery. The elegant lighting, words of comfort, musical interludes, and moments of reflection created a memorial event for all.

Projection mapping transformed the Dartmouth Street side of the Boston Public Library with 3D projections, sharing the message of peace, hope, and unity. This project required attention to detail, careful planning, and complicated mapping.

AVFX worked closely with AGB Events and many city agencies and vendors to create a visual display that captured the attention of Boston. AVFX served as the general contractor, coordinating the staging, audio, and projection mapping.

Projection Mapping Engages Your Audience

Projection mapping offers a unique solution to the challenge of audience engagement. If you need a way to turn boring spreadsheets into sophisticated, content-rich communication, or if you want to create an immersive outdoor event that will stop people in their tracks, talk to AVFX about projection mapping. AVFX's technicians and engineers have the experience, expertise, and passion to turn your projection mapping vision into a reality.
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