Media Production Services

StudioAVFX is a department within AVFX that focuses on Media Production Services. We work with meeting planners and event designers to bring your message and ideas to life. Working with studioAVFX's media production services will streamline and tightly integrate your event production by making sure you have the AV technology and creative content from a single provider.

Our Capabilities

Production Planning

StudioAVFX can help you manage the content production of your event while having knowledge of the innovative technology available that will wow your audiences.

Digital Presentation Design

StudioAVFX can create the graphics for your professional presentations. Whether it be a simple slide presentation or an elaborate immersive theater presentation, our graphic artists will take your content to the next level.

3D Stage Concept Renders

We work closely with our event production designers and technical producers to create stage concept renders to help you visualize what your event will look like.

Video Shooting

Whether it be on-site or at our in-office professional studio, we have producers, directors, and technicians that can help script, direct talent, and shoot. We also offer on-site editing for quick turnaround video recaps at your event.

Motion Graphics and Editing

Whether it’s a communications video or a custom piece needed for a unique monitor configuration at an event, we specialize in creating media that connects with the audience and represents your brand.

3D Modeling and Product Visualization

We provide expertise in 3D modeling and product visualization. We can output detailed high resolution renders of your products based on CAD or reference photography. Further, we can use 3D animation to help tell your story whether it be for product launch videos, training videos or in other marketing collateral.

Custom App Development

From conception and design to the actual development and implementation, we can create custom apps for your events. We specialize in creating apps that can be scalable to maximize accessibility and the longevity of any given app.


Leverage attendee passion at the event to promote your organization. Have studioAVFX come in and film interview-style videos at your events that we can then edit for other uses post-event

Samples of Our Media Production Services

Immersive Theater
Attractor Loop
Event Kick Off Video
Conference Mission Video
Facility Tour and Production Highlight
Party Highlight Video
Conference Highlight Video
Illustrative Animation Walk-in Loop
3D Product Animation

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