LED Video Wall Design

LED video walls are one of the most impressive AV technologies - delivering an amazing visual experience for your audience. AVFX has the experience and expertise to dazzle your audience with innovative LED Video Wall Designs. We work with exhibit designers, meeting planners, venues, and production companies across the US to create video wall designs for large events, trade shows, and corporate presentations.

AVFX LED video walls offer maximum reliability and performance for a wide range of audio visual applications We can program the LED wall to adjust to changing lighting conditions. Our LED tiles are designed and built for easy setup and rigging. Our proprietary ground-support system for LED tiles greatly reduces the labor and staging costs over rigging to save you time and money.

Sample LED Video Wall Designs

Enhanced Presentations
LED Video Wall Tunnel
Curved LED Video Wall
Eye-Catching Exhibits
Multiple Images
Large Vivid Images

Together, Let’s Create an Exceptional Experience!

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