LED Video Wall Design

AVFX provides LED video wall design for events, trade shows, and corporate presentations in Boston and across the US.

AVFX has a large inventory of 2.6mm & 3.9mm LED panels and now 2.9mm flexible LED panels for curved surfaces.

Our indoor LED wall installation services offer maximum reliability and performance for a wide range of audio visual staging applications — delivering incredible brightness, image quality and seamless scalability. AVFX Boston has a reputation for delivering the highest definition imagery. That translates directly into our work on LED video walls. 

Event Production

Custom LED Wall Design

Brightly lit spaces are not a problem since LED panels are designed for higher brightness and can be displayed in a well-lit room or show floor. We even recommend reducing the brightness of the wall in darkened spaces they are so bright. We can program the LED wall to adjust to changing daylight conditions in spaces like an atrium with glass ceilings.

Our LED tiles are designed and built for easy setup and rigging. We have also developed our own proprietary ground-support system for LED, which greatly reduces the labor and staging costs over rigging.

LED Wall Installation and Calibration

LED Wall Design

Lobby LED Video Walls

Great technology is worthless without great people who understand the engineering behind the products. Our technical staff is continuously training and well prepared to install and maintain your display.

AVFX has always focused high-resolution imagery and has a large inventory of low maintenance LED panels that we can install in a wide range of applications from temporary, traveling to permanent installations.

Traditional or Creative LED Wall Formats

Modular LED panels can also be built into a variety of screen configurations from traditional 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios to more creative unconventional screen shapes used in interesting ways to attract attention and communicate specific messages.

Vertical 2.6mm LED walls on both exterior sides of this trade show exhibit.

Combine the highest quality LED video panels with superior management and planning services and you get a great solution for many applications. This all translates into LED display solutions with many distinct advantages.

LED Wall Design and Installation

The Shortest Viewing Distance for LED

Less that 4mm = 3ft.
5-8mm = 16-26ft.
8-10mm = 26-33ft.
10-12mm = 33-39ft.
12-16mm = 39-52ft.

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Meeting planners and event designers know we can turn their vision into a reality. Here are just a few of the event services we provide — click on any service to learn more.

Technical Direction

Technology planning, vendor collaboration, space planning, and show flow.

Lighting Design

Great lighting design creates event mood and focuses audience attention.

Special Effects

Cutting-edge AV technology & our experience adds WOW to an event.

Projection Mapping

Any surface can become a dynamic video display, creating visual awe.

LED Video Walls

Creative LED video walls attract attention and communicate specific messages.

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