Audio Visual Special Effects

Audio visual special effects are about making people feel surprised and awe. AV special effects serve to delight audiences with immersive experiences. Audiences are enticed to engage and interact with their surroundings – to become part of the event. These moments create a memorable feeling that reflects positively on your business and your event.
AVFX's technicians and engineers love AV special effects so much that they create Tech Showcases to show off to our clients. The Tech Showcase allows our guests to experience curved LED tunnels, brilliant sights, live entertainment, interactive screens, mind-bending video projection in the least likely places, sounds, music, and synchronized lighting all designed to create an exciting immersive experience.
AVFX Makes the seemingly impossible possible. AVFX has developed a long list of special effects – ultra-wide screens, video edge blending to produce bright seamless video and graphics, projection mapping, spherical screens, live picture-in-picture (PIP), matrixed video, and more. We listen when you describe the “moment” you want to create, and then our technicians and engineers jump into action with concept options to turn your ideas into reality.

AV special effects can make an outdoor venue magical. Using light-based artwork, projection mapping, and music you can create an immersive outdoor wonderland.

Meeting planners and event designers trust AVFX to turn their vision into a reality

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