Event Technology Special Effects

Creating lasting impressions about you and your message.

Surprise and Delight Audiences

AVFX has a team of technicians and engineers that thrive on being challenged. Clients have an idea or a vision of what they want their event to be like. We listen to those ideas and work to translate them into reality. The end result often exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Special effects is about making people feel surprise, and sometimes awe. They serve to delight and intrigue audiences with impressions or scenes they never imagined possible. These moments give your audience something to talk about… to remember about your business and your event.

Our team has had many years of experience bending light, controlling sound, and making images appear in the least likely of places.

AVFX has developed a long list of special effects for events over the years. We will listen when you describe the “moment” you want to create, and then propose concepts to get you there. These special moments are powerful reminders of why you have gathered your audience, and of the message you need them to hear.

AVFX is up to any challenge. Try us today. We make the seemingly impossible, possible.

AVFX’s commitment to our creative vision and their 24/7 support of the execution over the 6 week production was unwavering. First class!

Gabe D. VP Brand Partnerships

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