Event Technology Services

Event Technology Services bring your meeting, conference, or trade show exhibit to life with lights, sound, projection, and intriguing content. Great design and great event technology will engage your audience or draw a crowd to your trade show booth. AVFX’s event technology services professionals collaborate with meeting planners, event producers, and exhibit designers to unify and integrate AV technology with your event’s theme and create a cohesive tone from the top to the bottom.

AVFX can assist you with venue selection and contract negotiation to make sure that you have everything you need for your AV technology and avoid costly pitfalls.

Our technology specialists, managers, and technical directors have the expertise and experience to handle any unexpected circumstance to ensure that your event is flawless every time.

If you need to inform, engage and inspire an audience, no matter how large the audience is, how complex the topic or in-person or hybrid our people and event technology services will deliver the highest standards in the industry. Great results and great client service is never a surprise with AVFX.

Why Great Event Technology Services Are So Important

Making the right event technology decisions for your meeting or exhibit will create a polished, professional event. Working with the right AV team that has the experience and expertise to help you make the best AV decisions before the event and the ability to handle anything that might pop up during the event will make your life easier and make you shine in your client’s eyes. Here are just a few of the AV decisions that should be considered for any event.

Event Lighting

Event lighting sets the tone, tempo, and emotional tenor of your event. We work with your branding, presentation materials, table arrangements, and venue structure to create the perfect lighting for your event theme.

The combination of lighting, color, and imagery can transform your venue into a magical and memorable experience. If you have a design concept our AV team loves to talk about design and we will help you to turn your concept into a reality.

Trade Show Lighting

Trade shows often do not have the quality of light that you want in a booth. If you have banners and signage, they need to be seen in the right light to make them look like your brand colors. When lighting your booth, you need some contrast. You can have a very bright white booth and everything is evenly lit and very visible, but your product lacks some sparkle or pop. To make your product stand out in your booth we will brightly light the product against a darker environment, or a more colorful environment.

Lighting Color Temperature

Lighting color temperature has an effect on mood and behavior. In stage shows and presentations, the color temperature is a delicate balance between lighting and cameras. Cameras need to be calibrated to the color temperature of a stage wash to ensure they accurately record the colors as we see them in the space. And then we calibrate our LED and projection screens to reproduce those colors accurately for our IMAG shots. You can easily tell in an event when a camera or screen has not been calibrated. Colors look off, usually bluer, and skin tones can take on unflattering hues.

Event Sound System

The sound system for your event is an important decision. The distributed speaker systems you find in your venue may be fine for short informational meetings or breakout sessions, but for conferences, live music performances, video playback, and DJs, the sound quality can be fatiguing to listen to. AVFX’s technical directors and audio engineers will guide you in selecting the event sound system that will keep your audience’s attention.

Event Microphone

A microphone is the piece of event technology that is closest to the presenter’s words, therefore, choosing the best microphone for your presenter’s style and the environment can make a huge difference in the quality of your message delivery. Is the presenter doing a Q&A out in the audience? Is the presenter roaming the stage and needs to have a slider advancer in their hands? Are you in a loud environment such as a trade show floor? AVFX sound technicians will make sure that you have the best microphones for every aspect of your event.

Event Music

Music selection also helps set the tone and mood of your event. AVFX will help you select walk-in and walk-out music for your networking events or when someone’s introduced to the stage to cover what would otherwise be an awkward silence when walking from their chair up to the stage. The music selection should support your event’s theme or if there is a local music style that you want to represent.

Event Live Streaming

Live streaming an event presents unique sound challenges. In order to get people more engaged with what’s going on as they’re watching this live stream, you want to give them sounds that make them feel like they are actually at the vent. To do that you need a more even mix. The audio engineer would do a separate mix that goes out over the live stream that follows along with what’s happening live in the room. We would typically add audience microphones to pick up the sounds made by the audience and it would only go out over the live stream. The ultimate strategy for high-quality audio for your important webcasts with live music performances and other complex things happenings would be a separate console and a separate engineer just to mix for the live stream. AVFX’s audio engineers will guide you to ensure that your event’s live stream is engaging.

Event Projection

Projection mapping is one of the most intriguing AV effects available today. Project mapping gives us the ability to turn non-standard objects like buildings, cars, stages, and indoor venues into display surfaces for projection. We can create interesting and stimulating displays, often giving an augmented reality-like experience to the audience. To be successful, it’s about precision projection and the result is stimulating visual content that engages the audience. When surround sound is added to projection mapping it creates an immersive experience.

LED Video Walls

One of the most impressive technological impacts you can make is with an LED video wall, which offers a vast range of options and adds intrigue to your event.

LED Walls can be installed indoor or outdoors and can be touch-sensitive and interactive.

LED Walls can be a few panels to hundreds of panels in almost any configuration that you can imagine. LED video walls now can include curves and even be transparent

Event Media

AVFX’s Media Production Services, StudioAVFX, can create dynamic content to deliver your message videos, motion graphics, animation content, PowerPoint templates, graphics, and AV special effects. We handle design and production at our studios, client sites, and venues nationwide. AVFX provides end-to-end media production solutions to deliver a polished message and unify your event’s theme from opening to end.
When it comes to meetings that matter, events that inspire, or exhibits that engage, our passion shows.

Event Technology Services Portfolio

Event Technology Services Portfolio
Event Technology Services Portfolio
Event Technology Services Portfolio

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