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Our client unveiled a new trade show booth design at the 2019 HIMSS Global Health IT Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. The dazzling exhibit, built by Czarnowski, featured two levels, multiple conference rooms, 20 workstations, promotional displays, and a theater.

AVFX was selected to provide AV services including multiple LED walls, transparent OLED screens, dramatic lighting, and compelling video animations in the theater.

In less than a decade, HIMMS has grown in size and complexity into a much larger exhibition with 45,000+ professionals from 90+ countries with 300+ education sessions, and 1,300+ vendors.

Philips understands that their solutions across the health continuum are not just about their technology, but how their technology improves people’s lives. At AVFX, we also believe that what we do is not just about the AV technology we use, but rather how we can use audio visual technology to communicate our client’s messages. At HIMMS our challenge was to integrate many different technologies across the entire booth to display a consistent story while synchronizing the media from three creative groups.


Imagery and colors were choreographed across a variety of large format, high resolution LED screens, transparent OLED screens, and the booth lighting. Specific areas of the booth displayed specialized content to address a specific need, but at times the entire booth lit up with brand imagery that flowed seamlessly from one screen to another. These immersion effects work very well to create a sense of unity across a booth of workstations and targeted messages.

At the front of the booth, there was a forum theater where attendees could hear customers describe their experiences. In the mid-section, Live Marketing produced an augmented reality program that gave attendees the opportunity to hear messages designed just for them using trigger points throughout the booth. Attendees were encouraged to walk further into the booth to hear about solutions from product experts or schedule time to speak with executives about future developments.

Thanks to Philips, Czarnowski, and Live Marketing for this great opportunity.

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