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The Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) is a professional conference for statisticians held every year since 1840. Each year, JSM attracts more than 6,500 attendees from 50+ countries. JSM needs dozens of breakout room presentations to be managed seamlessly. They also need managed internet services that prioritize speakers and streaming, along with rapid video editing and distribution.

The Challenge

Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) is an annual professional conference that requires seamless management of numerous breakout rooms and hundreds of presentations. The conference also needs managed internet services and rapid video editing and distribution.

JSM draws more than 6,500 statisticians and attendees from over 50 countries each year. It’s crucial that breakout room presentation management, internet services, and video editing support are professional, seamless, and stress-free.

Our Solution for Breakout Room Presentations, Managed Internet Services, and Rapid Editing

AVFX’s Boston and Denver teams collaborated to produce the general session and oversee 36 breakout rooms using a presentation management system. With skilled technicians and robust systems in place, every presentation ran smoothly.

The team also provided managed internet services, prioritizing needs such as speaker-ready rooms, streaming, recording, registration, and staff office. Bandwidth was distributed efficiently, ensuring core services remained operational while saving the client money by avoiding unnecessary bandwidth purchases.

AVFX recorded 13 sessions in 26 rooms, along with plenary sessions, totaling just under 600 hours of content. Three technicians actively monitored the network remotely, controlling cameras and managing file transfers, while four technicians offered on-site support to all rooms.

After each session, recordings were swiftly edited using a proprietary, AI-driven process. This innovative approach delivered significant cost savings without compromising quality, resulting in a highly successful event.

Find out more about presentation management and PresenterHub™ here.

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