Crafting the Tone of Your Event Music

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Nick Logue is a musician and experienced audio visual technician who thinks very holistically about the music that meeting planners select for their events. He thinks a lot about the music decisions that will make your event a tighter, more sophisticated, show.

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As a musician, I really appreciate when I see music being used thoughtfully in an event.

When you make decisions for your walk in/walk out in networking events you want to think about the themes of your events, the location, is there a local music style that you want to represent? All these things can help create a cohesive tone from the top to the bottom.

Another place that’s important to make decisions about music is for stingers. When someone’s introduced to the stage a short musical sting covers what would be an awkward silence for them walking from their chair up to the stage. But it should also be considered as part of the introduction.

So you want to consider again the theme of the show. You want to consider the person themselves. Are they a guest motivational speaker, maybe you want to play Eye of the Tiger? Are they a financial consultant, maybe you want to play Money by Pink Floyd? Is this a more somber event and you want to have something that’s a little more subdued, something that’s not going to feel out of place.

These are all decisions that will make your show a tighter, more sophisticated, show.

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