Interactive Experiences

Access and Control Technology

AVFX specializes in making content easy to access and control. That’s why we have invested in gesture and touch technology to complement our display technology. Our Media Production Group offers custom applications and content production.

Engaging Audiences Through Interactive Experiences

Users can navigate through menus and screens using their hands or their eyes instead of a mouse. In photo applications, users can pinch their fingers to zoom in and twist their fingers to rotate images. In catalog-type programs, users can brush their fingers across the display to move from one item to the next. In augmented reality (AP) applications they can navigate with their eyes (see HoloLens application).

With specifically developed interactive programs, the sky is the limit in terms of the engagement brought to your message. While many associate this type of touch technology with games, there are a myriad of ways developers can make your company’s messages, collateral and products more interesting to navigate by making them interactive.

Interactive Displays avfx

Gesture Control

Gesture Controlled Transparent OLED Screens

Three over three 55in. transparent OLED screens with Microsoft Kinect gesture control.

AVFX has been working with various types of gesture control devices. There are limited, but solid options to receiving commands from body gestures. In larger spaces, we have worked with the Microsoft Kinect box, which captures whole body motion on the screen. In small displays, the Leap box provides simple hand gesture control of your program. Each of these adds nearly endless possibilities for your presenter or audience to participate in your program. Gesture does require more practice however. They are not natural movements, but they can be easily learned. It is important to understand the differences between the technologies before investing in them.

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