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Special events with more wow, less stress, and a stellar reputation for you.

Who designed this?

We know your reputation is on the line with every event, so we pursue audio visual perfection. We love challenging designs and our special event AV services will serve you well because we test, rehearse and plan for every possible situation—so your audience can focus on having a great time.

AVFX offers the audio visual technology and services you need to engage and impress your clients with the excitement you’ve created. With AVFX, your guests will be struck by the sophistication you bring to the party—from the minute they enter the door. Isn’t that why you hire us?

Designers and Producers

Boston Fundraising events

Event Planners have a long list of details to manage. You understand your client’s needs and you know what to do. You shouldn’t have to worry about audio visual services. We can help lower your stress in one area, at least, because we’ve tested, rehearsed and have a plan for everything that will happen. No embarrassing mistakes—we’ll be ready when the doors open.

Our goal is to add value from the first conversation. Please engage us with your most challenging projects and see how we respond. You’ll be glad we’re here. Really glad.

Services Available

  • Advanced Planning
  • Site Survey
  • AV Production
  • Production Design
  • Project Management
  • Technical Direction
  • Hotel and Union Labor Negotiations
  • Technical Staffing
  • Equipment Rental
  • Scenic Staging

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