What Matters Most in Trade Show Lighting

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Bradford Lowery is the Lead Lighting Designer at AVFX and shares his thoughts on lighting in the trade show exhibit space. He has worked on show floors across the country and has some insights into what works best.

Below is Video Transcription
The most important thing when considering lighting for a trade show is that you need light.

If you have banners and signage, they need to be seen in the right light to make them look like the same Pantone colors you have on your website.

Many exhibit halls have a very yellow or light blue tone to them. So, to cut through the ugly hall lighting, you need a little clean white light. I recommend some standoff LED fixtures for your banners.

If you’re going even a little larger than that and you want to rent a system for your booth to illuminate it, you’ll want to move to LED automated fixtures rather than conventional lighting.

LED automated fixtures take a lot less power and they don’t require a team of three guys running around your booth with a large boom lift while there are crates absolutely everywhere.

It takes a lot more time and man-hours than you ever think it would.

And the last thing to really consider when you’re lighting your booth is that you need some contrast. You can have a very bright white booth and everything is evenly lit and very visible, but your product lacks some sparkle or pop.

You need to see this product, which is very brightly lit, against a darker environment, or a more colorful environment, so that it stands out in your booth. Don’t let your most important properties look like everything else. So, you need some light. If you’re going to rent a package, make sure you rent some lights that are low-power, can be adjusted afterward, and are color-adjustable, and if you do have a large lighting package, make sure you have some contrast.

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