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14 blended and warped projectors for evenly colored graphics throughout

Distributed sound system with 22 individual speakers for perfect, even sound.

Full lighting rig with robotics for active transitions plus LED lighting grid for low-cost room/table lighting.

Custom 32 channel wireless mic system for active audience response.

Dual Spyder Systems with custom animating screen configurations for each presenter.

270° panoramic screen for "full-immersion" effect.

avfx video presentation

Nearly three miles of copper and fiber optic cable, as well as six wireless networks, were needed to connect all of the technology. 22 Watchout-configured Dell computers, running 17 independent videos, kept the entire presentation in sync.

The primary focus of audience attention was on the stage—flanked by two 12ft. x 36ft. screens. Those most important messaging screens displayed videos, live IMAG and event branding.

The event was designed and coordinated by Rafanelli Events. They integrate all details from the videos to the décor. AVFX Boston and Rafanelli Events have worked closely for many years to make certain the event is memorable. Lighting was designed by Port Lighting.

The videos were split into 14 pieces that we stitched together and synced across the system. We programmed Watchout to treat them as a single “pre-split” video and distribute that to the corresponding computer to make the blended, seamless images.

Theatrical lighting

Wrapped truss lit internally and programmed moving lights created a range of fresh backgrounds for different speakers and panel discussions.

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Every room is different

Challenges are always present and obstacles must be overcome. In this room chandeliers posed a challenge. Venue details were researched, detailed measurements were taken and space plans were prepared to create a solid guide for staging. The event was successful, the chandeliers were lovely and the challenges we faced were invisible to the audience.

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Freedom of expression

Vista Spyder video processor was used with 18K Barco projectors to give our client the flexibility to create the most effective presentations. They have the ability to freedom to display live video, recorded video, still photos, Powerpoint and data presentations over consistently branded backgrounds.

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26 ultra high-def (UHD) touch screen displays showing technical information.

A total of 11 multi-touch displays in 46" and 65" sizes displaying a custom interactive application.

11 front projection screens across 9 cubes showing high-resolution images and graphics.

Custom centerpiece to booth using high-def (HD) seamless displays showing an attract loop plus a live leaderboard data feed from the multi-touch programs.

Full lighting rig across 32k sq. ft. booth designed to draw attention to important messages/areas.

70+ workstations, suites and demo stations showing attract loops plus live presentations.

avfx video presentation
avfx video presentation