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Project Management

Planning, management and organizational services

AVFX can assign a project manager who will coordinate on-site activities leading up to an event, during set-up, show and dismantle. Specific areas of expertise include:

Project ManagementScheduling

AVFX will work with either your event management company, or the venue directly, to develop an overall availability schedule for the space. Then we will coordinate with any vendors involved with the program to ensure all activities are synchronized for a fluid, seamless event.

Labor Plans

AVFX will work with vendors, the venue, and any union labor to ensure all of the correct labor has been scheduled for the program. As needed, we can complete contracts and coordinate payment of various entities.

Travel Schedules

AVFX will work with all areas of a production to collect information regarding needs for flights, hotel rooms, meals, and special needs. All information will be organized and submitted to the client for event planning purposes. Budgeting can also be managed for travel if desired.

Speaker Coordination

AVFX will work with the client, and/or the event management company, to coordinate speaker needs for a program. We will develop a communications plan for contacting the presenters with information they need to prepare for the event and request information for any special needs they may have for their presentation. If desired, AVFX will coordinate a speaker rehearsal schedule for on-site. We preach the importance of the rehearsal and pray for a positive response.

Vendor Coordination

AVFX will work with any or all associated vendors to ensure schedules are met, budgets are submitted and on-site schedules are prepared. We call this the PartnerVendor Approach and it will ensure all operations on-site run smoothly.

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