2019 Resolution — Move Out of Our Comfort Zone

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In the live-event industry complacency is death. If you’re not moving forward you’re slipping backward. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our services. That’s what you should expect from AVFX. We routinely update the technologies we use to make certain your meetings, special events, and exhibits will inspire and engage your audience.

But how many of us consciously try to upgrade ourselves? New technology typically brings a new version of the software which fixes earlier bugs, improves performance and adds lots of new features but what is the human analog of software upgrades?

AVFX 2019 Improvement Challenge

In addition to technical training, hands-on classes, and certifications, AVFX is kicking off a challenge to employees. Becoming resident experts with responsibility for a meaningful part of our business and sharing that with colleagues.

This will challenge us to move out of our comfort zones, learn something new, improve our performance, and enjoy the journey.

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