Seamless Experience — Engagement Around a Projection Table

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What do you do when a major competitor is positioned across the aisle from you at your most important trade show of the year? You know attendees will make a direct comparison so you need to take a leadership position and develop a display to draw people into your booth. The Seamless Radiology Experience, one seamless panoramic image, is our collective response and there was a line of visitors waiting in line to learn more. Now that is is audience engagement!

Seamless Radiology Experience Infographic

The project began as an effort to bring a 2D infographic to life. The resulting exhibit was a dramatic structure displaying  3D Augmented Reality (AR) videos. Visitors interacted with the imagery through Microsoft HoloLens technology.

3d augmented reality overlay

a patient story with 3d augmented reality overlay

Live Marketing managed the customer engagement storytelling process and produced the videos as well as creating the augmented reality (AR) experience which told the Seamless Radiology story through the testimonials of the people involved at all stages of the process.

Seamless Panoramic Image at Trade Show Booth

Seamless radiology experience table

Czarnowski designed and fabricated the overall booth highlighted by the Seamless Radiology Experience.

AVFX provided the technical direction for the visual display using technology that was not possible 10 months ago. What really made this a special project for us was the technical challenge. How often are you asked to create a 12 projector blend, rear projected, around both a curved and angled surface? We projection mapped and blended imagery from 12 ultra-short throw projectors around the structure into one seamless panoramic image.Projection Mapping at Trade Show

Live Marketing provided professional staffers to ensure that 12 people at a time had an engaging hands-on experience and were then able to make connections directly to other areas of the booth.

Visitors were attracted by the spectacle and size of the projection table and then when they experienced the HoloLens glasses they were quickly immersed in the story.

Nearly 200 professional radiologists (decision makers) experienced this engagement and learned what differentiates Philips from its competitors.

“I think what makes the team successful, is that people do collaborate well together.” — Martha Galarneau, Lead Designer, Czarnowski

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