Corporate Event Production

AVFX is the invisible power behind successful corporate event production.

Is this on? Your CEO shouldn’t have to tap the on microphone to test it. Everything is on and ready to go. The audience will hear you, the video will play and your important messages will be communicated. We bring dependable excellence to corporate event AV. When you have an awesome audience, critical content or a prestigious presenter — think of us.

Corporate Event Production can be complex, and you’ll be glad you partnered with AVFX. Really glad.

Support For Meeting Planners

You have long lists of details to manage. You understand your client’s needs and you know what to do. You shouldn’t have to worry about audio visual services. Choosing a good PartnerVendor to manage the AV will lower your stress in one area, at least.

AVFX offers the audio visual technology and technicians you need to present your clients in the most sophisticated manner. We bring dependable excellence to audio visual production services at leadership conferences, sales meetings, employee town hall meetings, user conferences and webcasts.

We know your reputation is on the line, so we pursue perfection. We test, rehearse and plan, so there are no embarrassing mistakes—we want to be invisible to your audience so they focus on the messages being delivered.

Services Available

  • Advanced Planning
  • Site Survey
  • AV Production
  • Production Design
  • Project Management
  • Technical Direction
  • Hotel and Labor Negotiations
  • Technical Staffing
  • Equipment Rental
  • Scenic Staging
  • Show Management

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AVFX has been an integral piece of the puzzle in putting together our programs.

Kim F. Sr. Director of Event Marketing

Our Event Technology Passions

In addition to corporate event production, we are also passionate about trade show technical production, special events production and permanent installations.

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