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Entrepreneurship Challenge Production Support

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For the third year, AVFX provided exceptional, highly trusted AV production support for an entrepreneurship challenge at a world-renowned university.

Entrepreneurship Challenge Production Support

Pulling off an entrepreneurship challenge competition for a world-renowned university in a state-of-the-art theater at a world-renowned university requires proven and reliable AV production expertise and outstanding production value. It involves meticulous planning, adept problem solving skills, advanced technologies, and a skilled onsite team that knows how to handle every event production detail.

AVFX provided the event production and technology support needed to showcase highly anticipated student and alumni business ventures. We maintained open communication with our client and their in-house creative teams, partners, and vendors.

We also adapted quickly to unforeseen issues and executed precise timing to make sure the video, sound, lighting, and staging went off without a hitch. Together, we transformed complex technical elements into an exceptional, visually engaging experience.

Mission-Critical, High-Stakes Production

The entrepreneurship challenge is an annual competition for students and select alumni who are pursuing business ventures that push boundaries in their fields.

The fast-paced, tightly timed one-hour event runs like a TV show. The 2024 event drew an in-person attendance of 1,000 people and a virtual audience of up to 5,000. The stakes are high, and there’s no room for error. We have one shot to get it right.

AVFX produces this high-profile event in collaboration with a campus production team. AVFX works with in-house systems and bring in additional technologies that include cameras, switchers, and recorders to handle full-scale production over three days. Each year, we understand the complexity of the show, demonstrate the ability to work well with the in-house team, and streamline the show planning and execution effort.

We also work hand in hand with the university’s content group to build the content shown on screen. We partner with their team to design precise staging and handle all the show details from a technical standpoint.

About the Entrepreneurship Challenge

The entrepreneurship challenge is a prestigious annual competition that encourages both students and alumni to develop innovative solutions to global challenges. Participants from diverse disciplines and backgrounds present their entrepreneurial ideas across various tracks, including social impact, sustainability, and health and life sciences.

The competition offers mentorship, workshops, and funding opportunities to support these ventures. Finalists pitch their ideas to a panel of judges comprising industry leaders, academics, and investors. The entrepreneurship contest aims to foster creativity, collaboration, and impactful entrepreneurship, equipping entrepreneurs with the skills needed to turn visionary ideas into real-world solutions.

As part of the entrepreneurship contest, winners are awarded cash prizes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition, contestants who make to final round gain valuable exposure and attract investors. (The non-dilutive funding distributed is a high-value type of capital financing that allows a business to receive money without giving up ownership or equity in the company.)

When the Stakes Are High, Choose AVFX

AVFX supported the entrepreneurship contest for the third year running. As their trusted production partner, we once again delivered an exceptional experience.

Reach out. Together, we’ll make sure your audience loves what they see and hear!

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