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TEDxBoston used historic Faneuil Hall as their venue which automatically contributes a significant level of credibility and importance.

Have you thought about doing your own TED Talk? We’re talking about an event for your company or organization. If you’re not familiar with TED you only have to watch one of their videos to know why they work so well. The names TED and TED Talks are the copyright of TED Conferences, LLC., so you can’t literally call your event a TED Talk, but the concept of shorter presentations are very popular in part because of our shrinking attention spans. There are, of course, many other good reasons for trying this type of event format and we list some of them below.

Boston Properties TED Talk type  event

Each year Boston Properties develops their own collection of short presentations called BPU (Boston Properties University).

Recently, several organizations have asked us to help them produce a “TED Talk type” of eventBoston Properties University (BPU) is a good example. The speakers and the audience were primarily from Boston Properties and their talks were recorded for internal use.

Make Them Experts
When you position your speaker presentations as TED Talks, your event is immediate imbued with the luster that everyone associates with TED.

Shorter is Better
Most speakers go on too long. Most could do a better job of getting to the point and emphasizing the key content more efficiently.

Webcast the Content
If you also webcast your event to your remote offices they will love the idea of short presentations.

Archive to a Portal or Website
If you record and archive the presentations, they become “bite-sized” content perfect for introductions, training or orientation. You can use them on your website to “spice up” new initiatives or product and service offerings.

Town Hall Meetings
Your TED Talks could be presented live as a “Town Hall” type of event where questions are sent in via text, email or phone. It can be very interactive and engaging making those in the field know they’re not forgotten.

Your sales organization can webcast their training in short segments or if done live you can intersperse pre-recorded TED Talks from senior management endorsing the direction you’re proposing.

Fundraising and Constituent Building
If you want to get your target audience engaged, invite them to a live TED Talk or to gather in groups just like the corporate “Town Hall” meetings. If you curate the questions and prepare a few in advance, you create communicate the “key messages” in a gentle and convincing format.


TEDxCambridge outgrew Cambridge venues and is now in the Boston Opera House.

Experience Counts
In addition to custom TED Talks, AVFX has staged and streamed actual TEDx Boston and TEDx Cambridge events, so we know how it’s done. Live event production is key to the success of Ted Talks. You have to please a local audience and a remote audience at the same time. Both audiences must hear and see perfectly.

The presentations must be lit correctly, captured with the best cameras, switched by great operators and webcast by people who do it regularly.

Please let us know if we can help you put together a perfect meeting.

The names TED and TED Talks are the copyright of
© TED Conferences, LLC



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