The Medium Can Be the Message — Holographic Presentation

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Holographic 3D Presentation EffectPhilips is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. It might seem that with over 48,000 registered patents it should be easy to illustrate the innovative nature of Philips. But innovation can’t always be seen. So what’s the solution? We saw this as an opportunity to make the presentation technique itself become part of the message.

During the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging conference, current Philips customers gathered to learn the latest developments in breakthrough nuclear imaging solutions. Because presentations to physicians can often be somewhat dry, Philips wanted AVFX to use holographic projection to illustrate innovation and capture audience attention. The resulting holographic presentation worked extremely well.

TECH TALK Instead of being actual holograms, holographic presentations use a variation of Pepper’s ghost, an illusion technique that was popularized in the 1860s in theatre, amusement parks, museums, and concerts. Named after John Henry Pepper, the scientist who popularized the effect, the technique uses image projection and panes of glass to allow a live person to interact with the projected image.

We worked with projection film supplied by Musion to create a holographic 3D experience with Live Marketing talent making the presentations on the main stage. Seeing the results in action really demonstrates the impact that this presentation technique can deliver to the audience.

Thanks to Philips, Musion and Live Marketing for this great opportunity.



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