Little Lily Swing — Philips Showline Showoff

cecil dorman Special Events, Technology

The AVFX Lighting Department has a not-so-subtle subtle sense of humor and a lot of theatrical lighting experience.

They couldn’t find videos showing what the Beam FX, and Philips Showline fixtures could do, so they decided to make their own. Both talent and technology are on display in the music video Stephanie Howell  created using our lighting technology.

The launch event was our Annual Event Tech Showcase and she started with a quirky piece of music to show what can be done with the lighting gear. She put in a lot of programming time and you get to enjoy the video, so crank up the volume.

TECH TALK: Here’s a list of the Lighting gear we used in the video.
MA2 lite console
> SL Bar 520
SL Nitro C
> SL Nitro W
> SL Par 150
> SL Beam FX 300



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