Learn Why We Host the Tech Showcase?

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In this video, Steve Halling, President & CEO of AVFX, talks about the AVFX Event Technology Showcase is and how it delivers value to clients and partners.

Every year at this time we open our doors to let friends and family see what our technicians have been planning all year long. While they’re working on your projects, they get ideas for things they’d like to create. This is their chance to show off.

Below is the Video Transcription

Anybody who’s been to the AVFX Event Technology Showcase has heard me talk about this before, but it’s really important to clarify what this event is because it’s not a selling event. It’s not AVFX showing you a lot of cool technology and saying, and here’s what it costs. In fact, what the event is about, is it’s about inspiration.

Many times we work on events, we see things that we feel could be done a little bit better. We have ideas and this is really our chance to bring those ideas to our customers and help to inspire them so that maybe the next time they plan an event, whether we do it or not, that idea becomes part of that event, to help make that a little bit more special.

And really I think at the end of the day, for us, I think the best compliment we can get out of a Tech Showcase event is for a customer to contact us after the fact and say, I used that idea. Remember that thing you showed me three or four months ago? I used that at an event in Denver, and it was so cool, my customer loved it.

So that’s all that we’re really looking for in terms of the payoff from this event.

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