Planners, Put Yourself in the Audience — TEDxCambridge Salon

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I was sitting next to my wife in the audience — just another attendee hoping for a great experience. Since AVFX supplies event technology solutions for TEDxCambridge, I was there to see if our motto rings true. We believe that audiences deserve to see, hear, and fully experience the content presented no matter what the event or venue. I experienced the full event myself and can testify that the audience was indeed engaged from start to finish.

Dmitri Gunn, Executive Director of TEDxCambridge welcomes attendees.

We’ve worked with them for years but the TEDxCambridge Private Salon Series is new.  It’s similar to the annual event but smaller — designed for corporate partners and their guests that celebrate the remarkable innovation and creativity found within Boston/Cambridge and beyond. Salons feature 250 VIP guests, two distinguished speakers, an artistic performance, facilitated audience discussion, and a gourmet reception experience prepared by an award-winning chef. The events draw the region’s leading thinkers and doers ranging from CEOs and managing directors to academics and policymakers.

Planners, I challenge you to sit in the audience at your next event and ask yourself if the audience experience is what it should be. It’s an important thing to do on a regular basis.

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