Traveling Vineyard Harvest 2017 — Super Scenic, Lighting & Projection

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When the door to the White House opens, things get exciting.

Traveling Vineyard has developed a sophisticated business platform based on in-home wine tastings and we helped the company hold their most recent large meeting in Washington, DC.

The event was designed and produced by inventivENVIRONMENTS, based in Charleston, with Jacqueline Lawrence serving as the executive producer. Her patriotic theme for the meeting was Red, White, and You. To convey the sense of place, Jacqueline contracted with Revolution Events to create a scaled down scenic design of the White House with a fully functioning front door. Presenters entered the stage through that door — walking out of the White House onto the stage flanked by two 16 by 9 foot screens that were lit by four Barco 12K projectors. The effect was impressive.

The White House windows were even frosted so we could light them — changing colors throughout the event to match the look of the room.

Traveling Vineyard is marketed by nearly 5,000 independent representatives, who run their own businesses. The representatives, called Wine Guides, educate and entertain guests with information about individual wine varietals and food pairings.

The large gathering of the Wine Guides met at the Grand Hyatt in DC to further their education and be energized by the shared enthusiasm of so many passionate wine lovers in the same room.  inventivENVIRONMENTS chose AVFX to manage all AV aspects of the meeting.

We were told that the event was a great success and we’re proud to have played our part.

“I wanted to thank you and your team for helping us make all our AV ambitions a reality. It was my first experience with an end-to-end team like yours and I couldn’t be more impressed or in awe of what you all achieve together while staying so patient and calm—which helped the rest of us stay patient and calm, too. Thank you so much! 

Alyson A., Traveling Vineyard Social Media & Marketing

Photos—Lindsey A. Miller Photography



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