Tape Ball Weigh-In 2018

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Whenever AVFX sends event technology to an event or show, we pack all of our gear in rolling cases for shipping. Sure, we have many ways to track the cases and their contents but we still mark each case with a strip of brightly colored tape so every case from the same shipment goes onto the same truck. When the cases return to our warehouse, the colored tape is removed from our shipping cases and attached to our mascot the tape ball. Consequently, the tape ball grows each year. It becomes an analog representation of the amount of event production work we do. We produce nearly 600 events.

AVFX Tape Ball
Congrats to Craig O’Reilly for guessing the tape ball weight of 615lbs.

This year the tape ball grew to 615 lbs. AVFX employee Craig O’Reilly was spot on with his guess. It was 94 lbs heavier than the year before.

How heavy is 615lbs? It’s more than 1.5 times the weight of an adult, male reindeer which typically weighs around 365 pounds.

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