Lighting Design Is Key To Event Success

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event lighting designMarjorie Randell-Silver, from Copper Leaf Productions, was the producer and creative director who successfully steered this October event from a tent to a non-traditional venue, but one that provided a great experience for the audience.

Lighting design was key to the success of this fundraising event. There were five thematic colors for the campaign and AVFX lighting designers Brad and Stephanie used these colors to accentuate the architecture and add interest to the room. Even people who were familiar with the space, were blown away by the dramatic changes lighting could create.

audio visual event display

Walkway of Gratitude


Audio Creates A Memorable Event Entrance

An audio installation at the entrance became the “Walkway of Gratitude”. Three channels of audio mixed several voices in different languages to say “thank you.” Again, the audience was moved by the effort to welcome them and make them feel at home.

event productions services BostonAVFX was a great creative partner and as this event morphed from tent to building we needed to work on a very tight timeline to create a completely different style event — ultimately it was a resounding success for the client and great relief to be out of a pole tent in mid-October.” -Marjorie Randell-Silver

Thanks so much to Copper Leaf Productions for this great opportunity.

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