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NYSE — High Expectations in a Historic Environment

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is an icon of American capitalism. We didn’t know that the NYSE could be used for private corporate events, until one of our clients selected NYSE as a unique event space and we were asked to produce a flawless event there.

Client expectations were extremely high for this event because it was an annual state of the business presentation to an investor audience in the building, as well as through a webcast to audiences around the world. The information conveyed would certainly influence our client‘s stock price for several months.

We collaborated with the internal NYSE AV team to stage the plenary session in a beautiful space with permanently installed AV systems. The challenge was to adapt the existing systems capabilities to the high expectations of the client’s executive team.

We also planned product strategy sessions in smaller spaces in the building, which required bringing in a large amount of equipment including scenic displays from Czarnowski to reinforce high-stakes messages about R&D spending and how it would impact on the company’s future profitability. This set-up was made difficult by the historic nature of the building and the ever-present security constraints.

We also had to compress our schedule, as we could only work in the building during certain times of day, and we HAD to finish within their time frame. We’re used to working late if the schedule requires, but at the appointed hour each day, security asked us to leave the building.

While there were a highly unique set of circumstances involved in this program, it was a great success. The audience was engaged, the event ran on schedule, without any issues, and our client was very happy with the outcome.

In this high-pressure environment, there were ample opportunities for egos to take over and cloud the main objective. Because we are familiar with this kind of pressure, we developed the PartnerVendor Approach. The AVFX team, joined by Czarnowski, Hyperactive, the NYSE technology staff and lead by a European producer, performed exceptionally well—allowing everyone involved to provide their own unique expertise to the task at hand towards a common goal of making this event a success for our client.



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