Forward 2018 — Trust Must Be Earned

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boston corporate event productionBoston Corporate Event ProductionThis is a story about a client who trusts AVFX to give them sound advice. For the past three years, Skyword has selected AVFX to provide complete event technology solutions for their annual client conference, Forward 2018.

Skyword invites marketing professional from enterprise companies and top creative professionals to gather in Boston and explore brand storytelling trends and best practices that can generate genuine connections between people and brands. The annual event is called Forward.

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CEO & Founder Tom Gerace Opens the Conference.

Skyword says, “Stories tear down walls, bring people together, and create change.” We make sure no walls exist between Skyword and AVFX, so we work hard to maintain the communication we’ve fostered since we got to know them three years ago.

“The AVFX team partners with us to create an atmosphere and an environment where our unique content can shine. Each year they are as focused as we are in the technical planning and delivery of a world-class event. It feels good to partner with people—like us—who strive for excellence in everything they do.”  Ruben Sanchez, Senior Director of Marketing at Skyword Inc.

New and returning attendees loved their Forward 2018 experience—they stood and cheered for the inspiring keynote speakers. Additionally, the breakout and networking sessions provided another chance for them to learn and share with each other. So, what happens when you put hundreds of brand storytellers in the same room? Ah-hah moments like you wouldn’t believe. The audience reaction seemed to bear that out.

See what one attendee, Erin Ollila, said were her Five Takeaways from the Forward 2018.

Thanks to Skyword for selecting AVFX.

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