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Conference Presentations

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Members of our team have supported OARSI for the past decade. AVFX has also provided conference presentations and content delivery at several OARSI World Congresses.

The Challenge

The AVFX team has supported the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) for the past decade by providing conference presentation management and content delivery at several OARSI World Congresses.

In 2022 and 2024, our team supported the OARSI World Congress in Berlin, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. We handled content management delivery and remote broadcast for the high-profile shows, including in-person presenters, moderators, and attendees, as well as remote participants from around the world, including North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

The client’s goals included engaging and connecting with in-person and remote attendees, eliminating network connectivity issues, and quickly making session content available on demand. The venue proposed a dedicated 10MB network connection in each of three breakout rooms to handle streaming, which was an expensive solution. Because the client had never live-streamed content before, they were particularly concerned about network latency and stability issues.

Our Conference Presentation Solution

In 2024, our production team leveraged our proprietary PresenterHubTM presentation management system and our network management and conference presentation processes onsite in Vienna. We compiled, uploaded, and managed presenter content, including hundreds of file uploads. All presenters submitted content through a web portal or in a speaker-ready room run by our concierge.

In 2022, we used a custom WordPress platform to stream presentation content to remote attendees, who were able to interact with presenters and moderators. We also devised an innovative network solution to relay video from Berlin to an internet exchange point in Frankfurt, stabilizing the live stream and reducing the time it took to deliver secure, pristine live video to the online video platform by 90%.

Furthermore, we used a managed firewall to allocate bandwidth in the breakout rooms and speaker-ready room, prioritizing streaming without affecting speakers’ and attendees’ internet usage. This solution saved the client approximately 30% on internet connectivity costs.

Finally, we edited all session video files within 24 hours. We then hosted these recordings on our content delivery network, which enables us to store, transfer, and stream high-quality content. Analytics confirmed high levels of on-demand platform access and post-conference engagement.

AVFX regularly travels with our clients, providing continuity of service wherever they go. In close partnership with OARSI, we helped make their global show and all their conference presentations a huge success.

Find out more about presentation management and PresenterHub™ here.

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