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Celebrating Australian Beauty with Immersive Sound and Light

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You walk into a darkened gallery at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and find yourself immersed in the beauty that is uniquely Australia. Beauty Rich and Rare recreates the wonder experienced by Sir Joseph Banks and the other botanists, scientists, and illustrators who traveled on the historic HMS Endeavour voyage from England to Australia in 1770, a voyage that changed the course of history. The expedition was led by Captain James Cook and represents the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia.

WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 18: Beauty Rich and Rare Exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC on December 18, 2019. (Photo by Richie Downs / Asico Photo)

Illuminating the natural beauty of Australia, this immersive digital exhibition reimagines the drawings and illustrations created by the artists who traveled with Banks on board the HMS Endeavour. Beauty Rich and Rare was commissioned by the National Library of Australia and created and produced by AGB Events.

AGB Events selected AVFX to provide the technical infrastructure for the 64-foot array of five projection screens with surround sound.

The immersive exhibition and accompanying artifacts will be on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History until July 5, 2020.

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