Corporate Meeting Design With Surprises

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Our client gave clear directions for the off-site meeting. They wanted the SNMMI Annual Meeting Off-Site Customer Event to be different from previous years.

• Provide a unique, intimate and memorable hour of conversation and opinions

• Make the attendee feel special—they are the evening’s focus

• Break out beyond the box to connect meaningful solutions to challenges across the health continuum

This year we needed to create an intimate, conversational setting to fit the mood of the audience and AVFX worked closely with Live Marketing our PartnerVendor to make that happen.

off-site corporate meetingThe difference between this year and past years was style. In the past this event was always a series of speakers getting up on stage talking for 20 minutes at a time followed by our client who would close out the meeting and send them off to the cocktail reception.

This year it was totally different. The entire hour was a roundtable discussion, more intimate and conversational than past years. We transformed this big ballroom into an immersive space that was simple but elegant, and took the guests by surprise.

corporate meeting designThe Entrance
We were working with one section of a large ballroom so the space was long and narrow. We decided to divide the space into three sections. We created a false entrance in the first third of the space and when guests entered they saw the outside of the roundtable discussion theater. The white drapes were slightly parted to reveal the raised audience seating area. When the guests looked down, they were surprised. It was not what they were expecting to see at all. The last section was our control room.

corporate meeting roundtable discussion designThe Roundtable Discussion Theater
The setting was actually a theater in the round. The roundtable of experts was on the floor and the audience was above and around the speakers. The room was created from white drape to give it a high-end feel. In past years the stage was raised and the audience would be in ordinary ballroom chairs.

This time, we made the whole space special, including the chairs where the guests were sitting.

The Outcome
Liz Nacron, Executive Vice President, Creative and Production at Live Marketing summarized the audience reaction.

“They enjoyed and appreciated that we made it something different that was more personal and intimate to them. It was short and sweet. We covered the topics, we had a lively discussion, the audience was engaged, and then it was over in just the right amount of time.” – Liz Nacron


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