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As many know, we love public radio and have long been supporters of WBUR in Boston.

AVFX recently helped introduce the world to a new live-event venue in Boston called CitySpace. The new space will be (in the words of WBUR) “a store-front community and cultural center for live discussions, performances and visual journalism.” WBUR’s plan is to open by January 2019, bringing new excitement to the arts and the radio at the same time.

This groundbreaking event was an opportunity for WBUR’S General Manager, Charlie Kravetz, to unveil the raw space before construction begins. He described the project, designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc., as a  state-of-the-art facility which will include robotic cameras and lighting; a 16-foot-wide high-definition screen that will be used to show documentaries; TV and radio control rooms slated to livestream events; floor-to-ceiling windows that will allow passersby to see the hydraulic stage.

Mr. Kravetz said these details are important, as they are part of a more ambitious puzzle: expanding the public radio experience from a remote, ephemeral moment to a real-life happening.

“That’s our hope — that the kind of service that we do on radio can be translated to an in-person, tangible experience,” he said. “We want this to be the home of the public conversation of Boston.”

We wish WBUR the best of luck and will support them every step of the way.


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