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2021 Winter Solstice Mapping

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projection mapping on Baker Chapel

Photos by Aram Boghosian @aramphoto

On the night of the Winter Solstice Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA held its most important annual tradition, the Candle Lighting Service. The event is growing and evolving to embrace the Winter Solstice, concepts of cycles, and meditations on sunlight which are embedded in the immersive light-based artworks and activated iconic grounds of the cemetery.

Mount Auburn Cemetery worked in collaboration with Boston-based MASARY Studios @masary_studios, to thoughtfully reimagine the Candle Lighting Service. As a media arts studio, MASARY enriched the annual event with new reflection and remembrance opportunities.

Photos by Aram Boghosian @aramphoto

This year’s service included the hallmarks of the traditional event: words of comfort, musical interludes, and moments of reflection. Candles lit in memory of all those we have loved and lost, a central element to the Service was also present this year. A special memorial tribute you see in the video above. The elegant design was projected on the exterior façade of Bigelow Chapel.

Thanks to MASARY Studios for selecting AVFX to provide technical support with projection mapping and lighting.

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