What Happens After You Leave the Tech Showcase?

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Here’s the story Steve Halling, President & CEO of AVFX, tells about what the techs do after you go home. They look forward to celebrating in their own way.

Below is the Video Transcription

I think my favorite Showcase story was from three or four years ago. We had a huge screen setup. Literally a floor to ceiling screen. High definition, beautiful. And we had a nice sound system with it because we were showing video clips from events that we had produced over the past year,

During the course of the week in setting up and rehearsing for this showcase, some of the techs had decided, well, you know, hey, we have this big, beautiful screen, so why don’t we plug one of the PlayStations into it and make it into a gaming screen too, because that’s really an immense TV screen at that point.

So on one of the Showcase evenings, I was escorting the last of the attendees out at the end of the night and I came back into the room to find the PlayStation running a flight simulator game and at that moment, the game was actually had the planes banking off to the left and I’m watching as the technicians are leaning and leaning and leaning over with the game and I just wondered to myself, how long will this go until the technicians literally just fall to the floor?


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