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LED Video Walls

Indoor LED screens offer maximum reliability and performance for a wide range of audio visual staging applications — delivering incredible brightness, image quality and seamless scalability.

AVFX has a large inventory of 2.6mm and 3.9mm LED panels.

HiMMS 2016 Booth Front Rt LOW

LED Booth Walls

AVFX Boston has a reputation for delivering the highest definition imagery. That translates directly into our work LED walls. Combine highest quality video displays with superior management and planning services and you get a great solution for many applications. This all translates into LED display solutions with several distinct advantages.

Speed Set-up
LED tiles are designed and built for setup and rigging. We have even developed our own proprietary ground-support system for LED, which (in many cases) eliminates rigging and greatly reduces labor and staging costs.

Traditional or Creative Formats
Modular LED panels can also be built into a variety of screen configurations from traditional 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios to more creative unconventional screen shapes used in interesting ways to attract attention and communicate specific messages.

LED Speaker Support

Ambient Light Concerns
Brightly lit spaces are not a problem since LED panels are designed for higher brightness and can be displayed in a well-lit room or show floor.

Installation and Calibration
Great technology is worthless without great people who understand the engineering behind the products. Our technical staff is continuously training and well prepared to install and maintain your display.

When you’re looking for video display options and need clear high-resolution performance for your indoor event, our LED panels look amazing and are the perfect backdrop to your corporate meeting, special event or built into your trade show exhibit.

LED Lobby Display

AVFX is a high quality / high-definition / high-resolution kind of company. Hi-res LED has been available for quite a while AND it came with a very high price tag. Now, through a special order of these specific LED tiles, AVFX was able to buy hi-res LED (less than 4mm pitch) for a very reasonable price. The result—very impressive LED that we’re typically offering for less than our competitors are renting 6mm and 8mm tiles. Great quality at a great price.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of this great display technology.

The Shortest Viewing Distance for LED
Less that 4mm = 3ft.
5-8mm = 16-26ft.
8-10mm = 26-33ft.
10-12mm = 33-39ft.
12-16mm = 39-52ft.

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