How Will You Measure Your Event’s Success?

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Cecil Dorman has a warning for you. “We’re going to ask a lot of questions.”

We need to know a lot in order to give you an accurate estimate and to ensure that you have a successful event.

Planning and intent are both very important to us. Planning, you’re familiar with. It’s largely about logistics. Who, what, when, where? Do you have an RFP? Do you have photos from last year’s event? Do you have a floor plan from the venue? Do you have an agenda, so that we’ll know what’s gonna happen next? Do your presenters have special preferences we need to know about?

Now, the other side is intent. That’s something we need to know about that’s more intangible. It’s what you’re trying to accomplish? What are your goals? What is the tone or the mood that your event should have? What do you want your audience experience to be? Is it about motivation? Is this about training or a sales meeting? Is it about inspiration? Are you trying to get those people in the audience to make a donation? Or is it about support? You’re trying to get people to be part of a team.

You know, for us, it could be a very important audience, could be a prestigious presenter, could be a critical message, but the main thing we need to know, that you’re going to think about a week after this event, is how will you measure success?

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