Event Technology

Event technology to connect, impress, and engage your audience.

Event Technology is only as good as the people operating it. AVFX has some truly great technicians and engineers that can make our equipment go beyond the expected for truly impressive results.

Investing in the right technology and maintaining it so it works properly every time is an art in itself. Our staff of department heads, buyers, and management work diligently to provide our clients with the best equipment for the job. Ask for a tour of our facility and you will see what we mean.

Events can be overwhelmingly complex and event teams are not getting larger. We can take care of the details around venue plans, production / concept development, sound systems, lighting design, technical direction and designs, and production management. Let AVFX help you plan your next event.

Event Sound Systems

AVFX owns a full range of audio visual equipment for nearly any application. We’re the premier provider of Meyer Sound equipment in New England and carry the latest systems in virtually every configuration.

  • Wireless sound systems for quality sound in any location
  • Large sound systems to deliver great sound in large space
  • Ultra-compact sound systems to deliver great sound in small spaces

Audiences deserve to hear what is being said. We’re passionate about audio, so let us know about your most challenging environment and we’ll design a sound system to make certain that your messages get delivered clearly.

Event Lighting

Event Technology

Great lighting design is all about directing attention and creating an emotional response, which should be an integral component of any event design. Light creates the environment and the right lighting package can mean the difference between a mediocre event and a memorable one. At its best, lighting is virtually invisible. At its worst, poor lighting calls attention to itself and nothing on stage ever seems quite right.

AVFX believes LED’s and automation are the future of great lighting for meetings, exhibits and special events. LED’s provide bright, energy-efficient lighting with low heat so it can be used in very small spaces.

We own a large inventory of Philips LED lighting instruments. Our highly flexible inventory of lighting equipment will meet the needs of nearly any size trade show booth or event.

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Event Technology Lighting

Event Video

AV Technology

Video projection quality is everything to AVFX. It’s only natural that we’ve invested heavily in the latest Barco HD projection and source technologies. We’ve also launched many of Barco’s large screen projectors in the US. To give your next program that premium HD quality look, we also stock one of the largest inventories of 16:9 screens in New England.

The result of these investments allows improved flexibility in placement of our projectors in relation to the screens. In some cases, we are able to hide our projectors off-access from the screen and still produce astonishing results.

In tradeshow environments, we repeatedly stage large screen front projection and maintain fabulous image quality even with ambient light all around.

AVFX often works in ultra wide-screen, formats as wide as 300 feet, and many that use 1.5x the normal H/D screen width. Our projectors, enable video edge blending to produce bright seamless video and graphic images.

We also work with many special effects like projection mapping, spherical screens, live picture-in-picture (PIP) or matrixed video. We love a challenging assignment.

AVFX’s commitment to our creative vision and their 24/7 support of the execution over the 6 week production was unwavering. First class!

Gabe D. VP Brand Partnerships

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