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Audio & Sound Systems

Clear, balanced sound in any environment

AVFX owns a full range of  audio visual equipment for nearly any application. We’re the premier provider of Meyer Sound equipment in New England and carry the latest systems in virtually every configuration.

Choir Blue Audio LOWAVFX Boston offers audio visual services and equipment. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line mixers and mics. Our all-digital mixing boards offer onboard signal processing for easier set up with digital EQ, preferences and cues that can be pre-loaded. These boards can also be controlled remotely for automated programs. Add on our new Sennheiser microphones, and you can be assured AVFX will deliver top quality sound in any environment.

Large systems to deliver great sound in large spaces.

We design audio systems with the aid of computer measurement and prediction software as well as Meyer Galileo speaker processors to ensure the same audio quality at every seat in the house. Our Meyer M1D and Melody line array systems have been used for corporate meetings and big name talent, such as Maroon5, Elton John, Los Lobos, Vonda Shepard, Steven Stills, and James Taylor, to name just a few. And we have provided support for world and business leaders including Lee Scott, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and the Dali Lama. Our engineers have the experience needed to make these performers and your most demanding executives–comfortable and confident that they are getting the quality of sound they demand.

Tech Audio

Ultra-compact systems to deliver great sound in small spaces.

We design speech-support systems for crystal clear voice reproduction in meetings, announcements and tradeshow theaters where clarity is critical. Since we realize that larger is not always better, we’ve invested in small, high quality/high performance speakers. (We also have Meyer Leopard line array systems for the larger jobs.)

For more information about our Audio & Sound Systems, please contact Audio@AVFXcom.