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Is this on?  No one needs to tap the microphone at your strategic meetings or special events. Everything is on. We bring dependable excellence when there’s an awesome audiencecritical content or a prestigious presenter. You’ll be glad we’re there. Really glad.

“They're smart, super technical people that care. You can't pay people to care, you can select for it.”
– Patty D., Producer
“You guys are a lifeboat of professionalism and calm in a sea of amateur quackery.”
– Lori M., Manager, Corporate Culture, Community & Connections
“AVFX met all of my expectations for a truly great show. You were almost as good as a French A/V company.”
– Philippe B., Creative Director/Producer, Paris
“Our end client, Kellie, is very nervous about change and loves the continuity of your team.”
– John D., Group Director, Broadcast & Events
“Stunning, exceptional and outstanding just scratch the surface really.”
– Jeffrey M., Senior Manager, Event Marketing
“Hear, hear! The AVFX person in the room swiftly, seamlessly and professionally swapped it out with the backup laptop; the presenter didn’t miss a beat.”
– Andy S., Senior Mgr., Corporate Creative Services
“Now I spend a good part of my day doing estimates, invoices and contracts, so I know how much of a pain I must’ve been.”
– Kim R., Sales Manager, Venue Rentals and Events
“Tom and a few others completely fulfilled my last-minute request, no questions asked, no trouble at all!”
– Tiffany B., Event Planner and Consultant
“I gained confidence that you could do anything necessary to make the A/V portion of the program work. And you did!”
– Anne R, Manager, Corporate Projects
“Your long hours and dedication throughout the set up, event and breakdown did not go unnoticed.”
– Morgan T., Producer
“You essentially reversed the flow of several rivers. I’m proud of the way everyone responded. You deserve all the credit.”
– Craig M., Global Sales Operation Manager

Meetings + Events News

Russia Resurgent — Camden Conference 2015

AVFX was selected to manage audio visual services for the 28th Camden Conference with the theme Russia Resurgent. The three-day program examined…

Lighting for Business and Social

As an extension of their presence at RSNA 2014, Philips invited clients to an off-site event where CEO, Frans van…

Lessons from Abroad — Staging Shows in Foreign Countries

AVFX has been staging events for clients internationally for many decades. Last year, we staged meetings and trade shows across…

OMG — What a nice testimonial.

Murray, the owner of AVFX, is the first person I met in this business back in the 1980s and thirty…

1795 Boston Time Capsule Opened Live on CNN

Why do people love time capsules? We asked ourselves that leading up to the opening of one in Boston. AVFX…

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