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Is this on?  No one needs to tap the microphone at your strategic meetings or special events. Everything is on. We bring dependable excellence when there’s an awesome audiencecritical content or a prestigious presenter. You’ll be glad we’re there. Really glad.

“You guys are a lifeboat of professionalism and calm in a sea of amateur quackery.”
– Lori M., Manager, Corporate Culture, Community & Connections
“AVFX met all of my expectations for a truly great show. You were almost as good as a French A/V company.”
– Philippe B., Creative Director/Producer, Paris
“Our end client, Kellie, is very nervous about change and loves the continuity of your team.”
– John D., Group Director, Broadcast & Events
“Stunning, exceptional and outstanding just scratch the surface really.”
– Jeffrey M., Senior Manager, Event Marketing
“Hear, hear! The AVFX person in the room swiftly, seamlessly and professionally swapped it out with the backup laptop; the presenter didn’t miss a beat.”
– Andy S., Senior Mgr., Corporate Creative Services
“Now I spend a good part of my day doing estimates, invoices and contracts, so I know how much of a pain I must’ve been.”
– Kim R., Sales Manager, Venue Rentals and Events
“Tom and a few others completely fulfilled my last-minute request, no questions asked, no trouble at all!”
– Tiffany B., Event Planner and Consultant
“I gained confidence that you could do anything necessary to make the A/V portion of the program work. And you did!”
– Anne R, Manager, Corporate Projects
“Your long hours and dedication throughout the set up, event and breakdown did not go unnoticed.”
– Morgan T., Producer
“You essentially reversed the flow of several rivers. I’m proud of the way everyone responded. You deserve all the credit.”
– Craig M., Global Sales Operation Manager

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