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Wyss Institute Technology Showcase

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Wyss Institute Technology Showcase | Photo Credit: Ryan Mahoney

AVFX recently provided production support for an event held at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Each year, the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University hosts a research and technology development showcase. Their community of innovators and a select network of friends and industry partners convene to address the health of our global communities and our planet. The Wyss Institute Technology Showcase is an opportunity to explore what is possible through interdisciplinary science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

AVFX’s production support helped to create an environment that communicated that spirit of innovation and collaboration.

Wyss Institute Technology Showcase Details

More than 600 attendees attended the event. The stage backdrop was a 12’ high x 36’ wide LED wall displaying custom motion and still graphics with an IMAG overlay to help make that important connection between panelists and the audience.

Presentation and video playback were presented on borderless 9’ x 16’ screens flanking the stage with 30K lumen laser projectors to compete with the brightness and saturation of the LED wall.

The main PA system was a Meyer Line Array that provided the audience with crystal-clear speech support, along with concert quality audio and video playback.

The environment was completed with a lighting package composed of more than 100 moving and static fixtures to create color, texture, and movement in the 12,000 square foot general session continuing out into the networking space of the ballroom foyer.

Events Coordinator Ana Carolina Villar from the Wyss Institute said the following: “We want to thank you for all your support in making our Annual Retreat a successful event. We highly appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing this collaboration.”

About AVFX

AVFX is a national leader in full-service event production and advanced AV technologies. The AVFX Boston Event Production Showcase took place in 2023. The AVFX Denver Event Production Showcase took place in January 2024. Clients love what they see and hear because our passion shows.

With offices in Boston, Denver, and Orlando, AVFX provides end-to-end technical and creative services, including video, audio, lighting, scenic design, media production, presentation management, and interactive technology solutions. AVFX supports corporate conferences, trade shows, association meetings, and corporate day-to-day media production needs.

AVFX is a member of the international AV Alliance and the Event Production Network in North America.

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