Projection Mapping — Best Practices

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Jack Spitale is a Technical Producer at AVFX with decades of experience in all aspects of the event industry. He is the producer that we all go to for advice when a client has a mapping project. We asked him to take a minute and give us some tips that could help us understand the particular dynamics of projection mapping.

Best Practices from the Guy with the Experience

Lately we’ve been doing a number of projection mapping projects. Especially over the last few years, it’s becoming more and more popular. And what I wanted to do is discuss a few best practices to achieve your goal.

Outdoor Projection Mapping

First thing you wanna keep in mind is the time of day. You want to pick a time between late fall and early spring so that it gets dark by six or seven o’clock at night at the latest to maximize your projection mapping time. Indoor Projection Mapping Project Example

Projection Mapping on the Boston Public Library

Projection Mapping on the Boston Public Library

Content Concerns

Next thing you wanna keep in mind is the content that you’re gonna create. What’s the surface that you’re projecting on? Is that surface brick? Is it limestone? Is it wood? That will determine what type of content and the brightness that you wanna create your content in.

Custom Graphics

The other thing you want to keep in mind is the custom graphics that you’re going to have to create. This is not going to be your standard high-definition widescreen format graphics. You’re going to create custom graphics for the size of the building, the width, and the height of the building.

Location, Location, Location

The other thing that you wanna keep in mind is the location of the building. Is this animation or content you’re creating facing a highway? Is it facing a very busy street? If it is, it’s something that you’ll have to discuss with the local municipality, you’ll have to get a permit for that.

Don’t forget Power

Finally, the last thing you wanna keep in mind, what might seem obvious and that’s power. If you’re not able to pull power from the building that you’re projecting on, you’ll have to bring in generators. Bringing in generators will require even more permits.

If you pay attention to these best practices, you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful event.

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