Immersive Audio and Video Mapping — Gordon College 130th Anniversary

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Projection Mapping the Gordon College Chapel

Projection mapping the chapel was achieved by dividing the space and designating projectors to cover each area. A great deal of effort was required to align and blend the projected images.


“During this event celebrating 130 years since the founding, Gordon College unveiled Faith Rising: The Campaign for Gordon College, a five-year, comprehensive campaign to raise $130 million to meet the evolving and dynamic needs of current and future students around affordability, academics, and community. The five-year, comprehensive Faith Rising campaign will raise $130 million in gifts and pledges—a giant step of faith for Gordon. It will require the College’s resources, prayers and energy—and the powerful help and support of our entire community of alumni, parents, friends, and foundations.” (from Gordon College)

The event ended with the announcement of a $75.5M lead gift to start off the campaign and everyone cheered.

Mapping Computers

Mapping computers

TECH TALK: We used nine, 20k laser projectors for the projection mapping. Two were converged on the large front wall, two were converged on the center screen, two for the sidewalls and three on the ceiling. We also had one backup projector standing by.

Audio, like video, sought to immerse the audience in the experience using TiMax SoundHub and QLab to integrate sound effects and music cues with the video soundtrack.

CONTENT: The AVFX Media Production group collaborated closely with Lightmark Media to create the video content displayed on the walls and ceiling.

“We’ve worked with AVFX before but this was by far the most immersive display they’ve created.”

Chris Imming, Senior Director of Campus Planning

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