Meeting Agenda -vs- Show Flow

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Fred White is a Senior Technical Director at AVFX who shares his experience planning for perfect events. You’ve invested so much in the event yet before the doors open it’s critical to have a precise plan. We make sure that the important details which will make your event run smoothly are documented for everyone involved.

Some People Get Confused.

What’s the difference between an agenda and a show flow? An agenda, you can use for very simple shows. You don’t need a lot of information, you’ve only got a couple of presenters. You just need to know what’s the run-of-show, who’s on when, in what order, the timing of it, rough timing, the presenter names, and any special notes, videos that might play within the event.

Agendas Might Work for Simpler Shows but a Show Flow is Best When There’s Complexity.

For more complex shows with a larger number of presenters, and a larger number of videos, you need much more information. That’s where a show flow comes in. You use everything we just covered.

  • You’re gonna wanna add the phonetic spellings of the presenters’ names so the VOGs (Voice of God Announcements) can be done properly.
  • You’re gonna want the actual time they’re supposed to be on the stage to put into the speaker timer.
  • You’re gonna want any special notes about transitions from speaker to video, to video to the speaker, internal videos within the speaker’s presentation.
  • You’re gonna want to know the names and the length of the videos.
  • You’re gonna want to know any special notes about the PowerPoint.

And by having a show flow, you’ll be much more prepared for your rehearsals. If you’re concerned ask for a Technical Director to help you run the perfect show.

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