Virtual MPI Event—Creation is the Opposite of Destruction

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AVFX volunteered to provide virtual event production services to MPI New England, for the April, 2020, monthly educational event. The presenters were Joanne Dennison, MSEd CMP, and Kristy Burns President, of the MPI New England Chapter.

“Significant disruption of any kind—job loss, pandemics, death, divorce, grief—can make us question everything we know. Our life as we knew seems to have been destroyed. It is hard to focus on the future when we don’t know what that looks like anymore. The loss of control can be overwhelming.”

This quote from Joanne Dennison kicked off the first virtual monthly educational event from MPI New England and grabbed everyone’s attention from her first words. This was a 100% Virtual Event in that it primarily utilized Zoom and Livestream. Over 300 people attended the event and were able to view the full program produced by AVFX on the Livestream archive.



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