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Safely and Professionally produce a virtual event in our virtual event studios. Say hello to StudioAVFX a division of AVFX that works with clients on event production services, specializing in virtual events.

StudioAVFX focuses on production services supporting our clients’ virtual events.  With the advent of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we recognized two important facts very quickly:

  1. Our clients need a reliable method to continue producing events in order to keep communicating, marketing, and celebrating with their audiences.
  2. AVFX needed to shift our production capabilities to support virtual event clients.

This was the birth of studioAVFX.  Our clients needed a safe environment to produce their virtual events. They needed high-end studio environments that are familiar to presenters who are accustomed to delivering a keynote address, with the support they need to produce a broadcast-quality program.

As it has for the last 38 years, AVFX provides the leading-edge technologies and detailed planning at live events—however, with our current environment, we recognize that our clients need a different set of services that will transform their live event plans into memorable virtual events.

Our clients are working through the process of learning how to best orchestrate and plan their virtual events.  It is a very different process from live events, and yet has many similarities at the same time.  The biggest differences are around the planning process.  While agendas and content still need to be organized as always, now event planners need to consider issues unique to virtual events like audience engagement and attention to ensure tightly produced events.

The Key Benefits of working with studioAVFX are:studio AVFX logo

  • Experience
    We have been very busy producing and broadcasting virtual events even before the advent of the pandemic. We know how to work with clients to plan thoughtful, engaging programming.

    • Our producers will work through any questions you have or challenges that arise.
    • Our technical and video directors will work with you to plan your content and recommend an appropriate platform.
    • Our media producers will design and produce the graphics needed to compliment your content, and
    • We now have two full production suites with dedicated studios available to produce a sophisticated event for your client.
  • Convenience
    Our two studios are only 10 minutes from downtown Boston. Each studio is equipped with everything your presenters expect to see on stage.  And they are backed up with state-of-the-art broadcast switching, graphics, sound, and lighting.
  • Flexibility
    Our studios are ready to go right now or can be modified with scenics to provide a more sophisticated look to your event. We also provide green-screen backgrounds if you want to use 3D virtual backdrops for your event!
  • Safety
    Everyone is mindful of the risks of going into any facility. We recognize that and have developed strict guidelines to keep our staff and your presenters safe, from the time they enter the building to the end of the event.  We have sound stages large enough to safely handle multiple presenters on stage at one time, or we connect our studios to each other or record remote presenters.
  • Production Design
    Our producers, video directors, and media producers can work with you to design elements into your virtual event that will keep your audience engaged. We provide thoughtful ideas that will add to your event and not distract from your message.

These are the reasons we introduced studioAVFX.  It takes a different set of skills and processes to think through and create a stress-free environment for event planners.

If you are planning a virtual event and want to learn more about studioAVFX, tell us what you’re thinking today!


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