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OLED Transparent Monitor

55in. Transparent LED Displays

Over two nights in August we hosted our Fifth Annual Tech Showcase. In a post event survey 58.33% of the attendees rated their overall impression as “GREAT.” To our great surprise “VERY INTERESTING” was selected by the remaining 41.67%.

For those who couldn’t attend see the short video above with soundbites from some of those who did attend.

Just over 100 people representing over 40 companies attended the Tech Showcase. Those companies ranged from enterprise giant Liberty Mutual to local non-profit Community Rowing.

Jamming with Elvis

30 foot curved 2.6mm LED wall

3D projection mapping

Our guests were greeted by one of four 55 in. transparent LED displays describing the content of the Showcase. Through the transparent screen they saw our 30 foot curved 2.6mm LED wall or 290.5 sq. ft. of beautiful high resolution color imagery. They had their picture taken with a hologram of Elvis and they tapped their feet to Tri-Tachyon’s Little Lily Swing in a 10 minute synchronized display of audio and lighting effects as they passed through an archway made of 7 video screens. In addition to exhibition, many guests were also impressed by a selection of six different craft beers.

Archway made of 7 video screens

Steve Halling led tours of the exhibits and was joined by the founder and creative director from AGB Events (Sydney, AU) as they shared their insights into the art of large scale 3D projection mapping.

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