SHINE! on the Harbor Gala — Challenges Met

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Through the power of live performance, the Celebrity Series of Boston enriches lives and inspires the community of Boston. It is a true cultural asset brings to the city world-class performing artists, both established and emerging, and a robust community engagement program including public performance projects.

This year the audience gathered for SHINE! on the Harbor Gala at The Loft in the Innovation and Design Building, One Design Center Place, Boston. At this event alone Celebrity Series raised about $550,000 for its performance and community programs.

Audience view

TECH NOTES: The performance group for the evening, Body Music, needed 3 levels of audio amplification. They were tap & shuffle dancing; which required the floor to be mic’ed. They also did body percussion, and they were singing. Our audio team did an outstanding job of mixing the microphones. The overall speaker placement had to be perfect and the sound was crystal clear and totally precise.

Warping the images to project around the columns.

The room contained numerous support columns which presented a challenge for our video projection on three screens. 18K projectors were positioned at almost 90 degrees apart from each other to project around either side of the columns and yet the image blend was perfect. As usual, the audience was never aware of the challenges.

“As always, the AVFX team did a fantastic job.”
Melody Pao, Manager of Events and Stewardship at Celebrity Series of Boston

It was a privilege to support the Celebrity Series and work closely with Rafanelli Events.







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